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How To Wear Academic Regalia

How To Wear Academic Regalia. The color should be indicative of the subject to which the degree pertains (see. Ties inside the gown may make the gown more comfortable if tied at the back under the gown.

The color should be indicative of the subject to which the degree pertains (see. Trimmings the binding or edging of the hood is to be velvet or velveteen, two inches, three inches, and five inches wide for the bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees, respectively; The gown should be worn with the kente stole facings aligned below the collarbone and not overlapping.

A Long Tassel Is Fastened To A Button On The Top Middle Of The Cap.

It is expected that graduands would wear neat business attire under the gown. If you hold a previous bachelor or masters’ degree you may be required to wear the appropriate regalia set for your previous degree (gown and headwear) along with the appropriate colored diploma scarf/stole. • bachelor regalia completes with a traditional mortarboard and a colored tassel.

A Video Guide On How To Wear Academic Regalia.

Getting your academic regalia on correctly can be confusing, so it’s a good idea to get some advice from gfp graduations when you collect your regalia. This video will give you a brief history of the traditional academic regalia and how to wear it properly for. How do i wear my academic dress?

How To Wear Your Regalia For A University Of Auckland Graduation Ceremony.

Tassel to the right of your head small peak towards the front how to wear cquniversity academic regalia mortarboard gown and stole Demonstration of the proper way to wear saint mary's university academic regalia (hood and gown). This style cap is the standard for all degree levels, but can be substituted with a velvet tam at the doctoral level.

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Trimmings The Binding Or Edging Of The Hood Is To Be Velvet Or Velveteen, Two Inches, Three Inches, And Five Inches Wide For The Bachelor's, Master's, And Doctor's Degrees, Respectively;

• it should be worn flat on the head with the tassel hanging on the right. While all graduates are required to attend the ceremony in proper academic regalia, all participants (both graduates and guests) are reminded to observe a reasonable standard of dress that are appropriate for the ceremony, and shall not wear any garment likely to cause offence (or disturbance) to others. A long tassel is fastened to a button on the top middle of the cap.

How To Wear The Regalia:

The various academic regalia companies maintain complete files on the approved colors for various institutions. To make sure you've got it right on the day (and get the best photos), visit the gfp’s dress me station outside the undercroft facing great court north before your ceremony. The regalia comprises a gown, a hood and a mortarboard (cap).

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