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App State Academic Probation. Failure to earn the minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (gpa) will place the student on academic probation. Graduate academic policies and procedures committee as defined by the faculty handbook.

Athletic training program (atp) academic probation: If the student meets the requirements they will be removed from atp academic probation. An undergraduate student, whether admitted as a freshman or a transfer, will be allowed to enroll for a total of two academic terms of probation (excluding summer) during his / her academic career at appalachian.

These Two Terms Of Academic Probation Do Not Have To Be Consecutive.

Disciplinary probation shall be imposed for a period no less than the remainder of the current semester up to the remainder of the respondent’s academic career. The purpose of the warning is to inform students that continued failure to meet the expected satisfactory academic. A student placed on academic probation will be given one semester to bring his/her cumulative gpa up to the required standard (2.5).

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If The Student Meets The Requirements They Will Be Removed From Atp Academic Probation.

An appalachian state university student must be in good academic standing and cannot be on academic probation. Graduate students who meet one or more of the conditions below will be academically suspended from further graduate study at appalachian. Academic success workshops (asws) are offered on appalachian’s main campus to help all students remain in or regain good academic standing (gpa of 2.0 or above).

Graduate Academic Policies And Procedures Committee As Defined By The Faculty Handbook.

Grade forgiveness can be used only once per course. Being in good academic standing at app state requires a student to maintain a cumulative gpa of 2.00 or higher. A 2.0 cumulative grade point average;

Failure To Do So Will Result In Academic Probation.

Only courses taken at appalachian are eligible for grade forgiveness. Probationary students are not automatically considered to be making adequate academic progress; A respondent who has violated this code while currently on disciplinary probation shall be suspended as a.

Therefore, A Student May Need To Work With Financial Aid To Submit A Petition Requesting To Restore Any Loans Or Grants.

A student will not receive transfer credit for any course with a grade lower than c. That petition will require a written plan of action for success endorsed by the program. A student placed on atp academic probation will be given one term to bring their cumulative gpa up to the required standard (2.5) and meet the requirements of the agreed upon plan.

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